We’ve heard it all before. Do spec work. Study hard. Write. Design. Work. Create. Land the perfect internship. Graduate. Then the pearly gates open and you've got yourself a job!


But let's be honest. It rarely works that way, and it's especially challenging right now. For a lot of us soon-to-be or recent grads, plans were upended, adjusted, and changed last minute. Our whole worlds were turned upside down. The internships we were depending on to launch our advertising careers; canceled. 


It sucks. But you’re not alone. And this is our moment to get creative and let our ideas thrive and grow without boundaries. 

Enter BoundarylessMN. When the world went crazy, we young professionals answered the call. Our goal? To throw up the door to the Twin Cities advertising and creative community, and get young, aspiring advertising professionals the real work, real mentorship, and real experience they need. In practical terms: you, five break-out sessions, four team members, two professional mentors, one client RPF. All in the luxury office you’ve made in your parents’ basement. 

More than that, it's a chance to build a community across agency and corporate lines. Which is why BoundarylessMN is also strongly committed to creating an opportunity that has the experience of an internship, but the accessibility and diversity that so many lack. Boundaryless is designed to be the first step for anyone in our cities, not just those that made it into the top portfolio school. That's not to say we're not selective. But we know that "the best" can look a lot of different ways. 

Together, we can teach each other, learn, and help pave the way for a career in advertising. We can do our part to get rid of some of the barriers this next wave of students are facing. And we can create some boundary-pushing work in the process.


So what does this all look like? 


BoundarylessMN is an agency simulation for soon-to-graduate or recently-graduated advertisers living -- or interested in living -- in the greater Twin Cities. Participants are invited to collaborate with other passionate advertisers to get (WHO-compliant) hands-on experience from industry experts in the following areas.


  • Project Management 

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Strategy

  • Copywriting


Over the course of three weeks, participants will meet some pretty neat people and do some pretty neat work. 


In teams, up-and-coming advertising & marketing students will answer a real brief with the help of industry mentors, regular breakout sessions, and expert panels. They’ll get down and dirty in their area of focus, but gain experience that runs the gamut of life in an agency. 


And while this isn’t a competition per se, we’ll be damned if we let good work go unrewarded. At the end of it all, teams will present their work to a panel of judges. The top three teams will be showered with a treasure trove of awards and accolades. 

Sound like fun? We sure hope so. 

Equity, Inclusion, and Representation

We want all our participants to know that BoundarylessMN is committed to equity, inclusion, and representation. We know that people of different backgrounds experience drastically different boundaries in the advertising world. We know the boundaries are especially different for people of color, and especially black people, and women, and especially women of color. It would be shallow, and an opportunity lost if we did not use BoundarylessMN, a community-focused program, to address the needs of all our community members. 

We know that it is not enough to just invite diversity to the table. We need to pull out the chair, and hand them a plate, and give everyone some silverware. With that, we know that some people may not have the same access to previous experiences designed to prepare them for a case competition. So we will be offering optional skill-based workshops taught by professionals in the field.

We also know that is not enough. We are in continued conversation with black women, women of color, different activists, and equity and inclusion leaders in the Twin Cities and advertising worlds, to continue to learn and make this a place where everyone can succeed. We have a few more ideas in the works, and we are in conversation to figure out the best roll-out, in a way that is centered in respect and listening, rather than tokenizing. 

We know we will make mistakes. So please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.