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The traditional doorways to the advertising world have been turned on their head. The road from college to an internship to a job isn’t a surefire way forward anymore.

Today’s young talent know they must grow and thrive outside of their familiar institutions as access is often a privilege.

It’s time for agency and creative department opportunities to be open to all of Minnesota’s young advertising and creative community, not just those lucky enough to have the right key.

We are Boundaryless, designed to be the first step for anyone—from all backgrounds—to explore, experience and enter the Twin Cities advertising industry.

We are committed to building a diverse community across agency and corporate lines, creating opportunity through accessibility.

Together, we can teach each other, learn from each other, and empower each other to break the barriers facing the next generation of advertising professionals.

When we create together, we are Boundaryless.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Boundaryless is committed to being a part of much needed change in our local and national advertising industry. Our mission is a call-to-arms, combatting the too prevalent narrative that diverse talent "just isn't out there." By empowering young, diverse advertisers, we can help build a better future.

But we must practice what we preach, and that's why diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging go deeper than what we do, to the core of how we do it.


In its most basic form, diversity means having folks who represent a variety of experiences and backgrounds present. Boundaryless sets goals for representation amongst both the participants that go through our programs and the professionals that guide them.


To us, equity​ means ensuring that diverse folks are not only represented, but that all variety of needs and expectations are addressed. As a part of every Boundaryless program, we provide learning opportunities to meet a wide range of experience levels. It is also why we are committed to participation being 100% free, for everyone.

Inclusion & Belonging

Being invited to dinner and given the utensils to participate does not mean you leave feeling like family. That takes effort from all parties to engage, listen to and learn from, and value each other. We know we will make mistakes, and do not shy away from owning our shortcomings. We work to embrace and celebrate differences. And our dedication to participants does not stop when they leave our program: they become a member of a community that continues to support and learn from them.

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