So I hear you have some questions...

Is BoundarylessMN a virtual internship? 


Well yes, and no. Not exactly. BoundaylessMN is what we are calling an "agency simulation" and "case competition." Agency simulation means that you will be in a team that is set up like an agency, where each team member will have a role, and each role will have an industry mentor. Case competition means that each team will be competing to see who can best answer a "Request for Proposal" (RFP) from a client. But unlike traditional case competitions, where the sole focus is to win, we are hoping to really focus on networking and community-building. At the end of the day, we are all Twin Cities advertisers, and it is only helpful to know people across agency and position lines.


We are not calling BoundarylessMN an internship because although it is a virtual experience, in the state of Minnesota we cannot legally call ourselves an internship if it is unpaid and not-for-credit. We do, however, hope that you find the experience to be equally as valuable and that it may offer an alternative to a traditional internship that may have been lost due to COVID19. 

Can I receive credit for BoundarylessMN?

Check with your college or university. As this first session that we are rolling out is only 3 weeks, it is unlikely that universities will accept BoundarylessMN as a credited internship. However, talk to your advisor or career center. We are happy to work with them. 

Who is eligible to be a participant in BoundarylessMN?

We are accepting all rising university, college, portfolio, or art school juniors and seniors, as well as recent graduates from the classes of '20, and '19. Additionally, we ask that all participants be in, or interested in living and working in the Twin Cities advertising world, as a big part of our focus is on creating local industry connections.

What you don't need, is a degree in marketing, design, or advertising. Industry experience is always helpful, but not required for BoundarylessMN. But we also know that valuable experience can look a lot of different ways. So if you are an English major with a passion for copywriting or a bio major who does awesome graphic illustrations on the side? Show us your stuff. We will be organizing optional skill-building workshops throughout the three weeks to help everyone get on an equal playing field. 

This all sounds great, but I'm sorry I still don't quite get it. How does BoundarylessMN actually work?

You'll fill out the application on our homepage, and tell us which role you think you are the best fit for, and give us some details about you. We'll read your app, and place you on a team of 4 other participants, to create your agency. When we've finished all that organizing on our end, we'll send you an email letting your know what your final position, team, and who your mentors will be. 

The program starts on July 6th, and you will receive an RFP from our client, that you will respond to in three weeks. In between, you will organize virtual team meetings, and attend a few panels and workshops to build up the skills and network you need. At the end of three weeks, your campaign will be reviewed by a panel of judges. And our client might even choose to use your work!

Is this for a real client? 

This work is for an 100% real client, that we will be announcing soon. (I think you'll be excited... We are!!!) 

Then can I put this work in my portfolio? My resume? 

Short answer: yes. You will be able to put this work in your portfolio. There is some paperwork to sign. But you will be able to put this in your portfolio, although you will likely not be able to maintain copyright or artistic license to the deliverables you give to the client. We're still drawing up the paperwork, but we will let you know the details when we have them. 

As for your resume, you should definitely put BoundarylessMN on there! It's real client work, and it shows that you took initiative during a crazy time, when internships, jobs, classes, were all canceled.